Member Update following fire.

Firstly thank you for your patience over the past few days. We are aware that the lack of communication on what was happening was frustrating. Unfortunately the fire damaged phone lines and connections to servers, internet connection etc. We have new internet access and so can now communicate via e mail, Facebook, web site, txt service via app and our membership system.

For those trying to call our landline, the phone lines are still down but we are looking at IP gateway  solutions to get these bask ASAP.

All Membership will be honoured by way of membership extension and as of Monday evening last 23rd September we have suspended all rolling collections via app and Direct Debit payment systems.

While the fire was thankfully contained to one unit in one room, the controls for gas, telephones, mains water, and Building Management Systems have extensive heat damaged.  Many thanks for the quick response time and the wonderful job of the fire service on the morning.

Thank you also to all our members, staff on duty and all building users and tenants for a speedy and safe evacuation of the premises, thankfully there was no one injured.

We have set about establishing a new temporary controls room with Gas boilers, generators and circulation pumps as the existing room needs to be preserved as a forensic scene.

At this point we confirm that the club will not reopen this week ending 29/9/19. We will update on  daily on progress to give more accurate potential re opening date. By setting up  a new  control room we are looking at days rather than weeks or more.

We will honour all memberships, swim passes etc. and we are doing everything we can to get back operational ASAP. Many thanks for your continued support and understanding .

Inspire Management

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